When it comes to employers we know you have many options to choose from, but there are very few that focus on your journey to ensure your experience and career goals are as critical, as the business goals we set out to meet.

We invite you to Be ORIGINal!

January 3, 2024

Data Analyst

We are currently seeking a Data Analyst with strong analytical skills with past experience working with large datasets, and cloud data platforms.

The Data Analyst will work on data projects gathering requirements, analyzing and organizing data, interpreting and inferring insights, and designing and delivering reports and dashboards that align with business goals.
January 3, 2024

Data Engineer

We are currently seeking a Data Engineer with strong experience with cloud data platforms namely Azure and Databricks.

The Data Engineer will need to demonstrate prior experience with data modeling, complex SQL queries, Python, and working with Warehouse and Lakehouse. You will be working with global clients to design, build, and maintain Data Pipelines in Azure Cloud and on Databricks Lakehouse along with associated tools.

Born in the AI era

At Origin we are not resetting our services to deliver for the AI era; our services are primarily shaped with AI-driven technologies, machine learning cloud and data platforms to deliver large scale transformation.  

Who do we look for

We are a team of curious, entrepreneurial, humble, and independent thinkers who are looking for like-minded team members to join us, with a primary goal of delivering outstanding work for our clients.

Who will you work for

We are not a hierarchical organization and ego has no place at Origin. We are here to partner with each other and deliver on our business goals with client satisfaction as the primary driver.

Who do we work with

Our clients range from Fortune 1000 organizations looking to deliver enterprise value, to non-profits that are delivering on a promise to do good in this world. We align to our client's mission to deliver on their business goals.